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O Castro British International School
Special Education Needs

SEN Department at O Castro 

At O Castro British International School, we provide an inclusive education based upon our fundamental view that diversity should be celebrated, and that every child has a right for their individual educational needs to be met. We understand that many children experience difficulties at different times throughout their lives and we make every effort to ensure that we provide the right sort of help at the right time. Our SEN Department and Student Guidance Services are available to all of our students and their families whenever they are needed.

The role of the SEN (Special Educational Needs) Department is a diverse one at O Castro and runs throughout the school, from Nursery Class right up to Year 13.

At the earliest stages, our work often involves giving guidelines in order to best support children in the classroom. As they move up through the school, we seek to liaise with teachers in order to support learning through specific interventions. We also on occasions offer support with regard to the affective and emotional side of learning.

We believe that every child is an individual and through our work we seek to meet the individual needs that some children may present at specific points in their academic careers. Sometimes this is best achieved through withdrawal from the classroom setting, whilst in other cases, in-class support may be more appropriate.

As well as working with students and teachers, we also work with professionals from outside the school to ensure that provision is coordinated, whilst we support our examinations officer in ensuring that pupils have the correct access arrangements for school and public examinations.

For all the members of the SEN team, it is a privilege to be able to have a positive impact on the teaching and learning at O Castro!

For further information please contact with the SEN Coordinator

“As the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at O Castro British International School, my objective is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where each student feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally. I work closely with the teaching and support staff to identify the unique needs of each student and design personalized support strategies and plans. Likewise, open communication and collaboration with families are essential to ensure comprehensive and coordinated attention for each student. I am committed to ensuring that O Castro British International School is a place where every student can reach their full potential, regardless of their individual needs”.

César Álvarez Vázquez

“As a pedagogue specialist in learning difficulties, my work focuses on understanding and enhancing the learning of the entire diversity of our students. It is essential to ensure that all students have access to learning regardless of their characteristics or difficulties. I work closely with the teaching staff to ensure inclusion and attention to the diversity of all students, while also establishing a channel of communication with families to provide them with support and guidance”.

Rebeca Iglesias Arias

“As a Speech and Language Therapist at O Castro British International School, I am dedicated to enhancing the communication and language skills of each student. Adapting my methods according to each individual's unique needs, I provide them with essential tools to overcome any challenges in their educational journey. I foster confidence and mutual support in a safe environment, building strong relationships with my students. I work closely in collaboration with families, maintaining open and transparent communication to ensure the continuous progress of each student. Every day, I find inspiration in the opportunity to be part of the educational development of these talented young individuals, contributing to their success and bright future”.

Rubén Troitiño García

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