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Three initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change

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Within our value proposition and as a Globeducate school, O Castro British International School is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Within our value proposition and as a Globeducate school, O Castro British International School is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations 2030 Agenda. It is, without a doubt, a common commitment for all our schools with the aim of collaborating together to end poverty, fight inequality and deal with climate change because the world in which our students are going to live will have to face great challenges that require decisive actions today.

 In this context, the educational community of the different schools has carried out awareness-raising work in and out of the classroom. After the recent award of the Green Flag, and aware of the importance of contributing our grain of sand in this great challenge to curb the impact of climate change on our planet, our Primary Eco-committee faced the challenge of conducting its first eco-audit. In this case it was focused on energy, our Eco-schools theme for this year. They investigated aspects such as lighting, heating or awareness of energy consumption in the school. With the results of this eco-audit, the students suggested different ideas to promote energy saving and raise awareness in the school community. Our Year 6 student, Clara, made the following reflection: "Before, human beings did not have energy or facilities as we have now. With all the progress we have made we should have learned how important it is not to waste energy, because producing it is one of the things that pollutes our planet the most".

During the current academic year, O Castro British International School community, led by its Eco Committee, is planning three initiatives in which students, staff and families of the school will be involved 

Solar energy panles installation

We have signed an agreement with a company that will visit our School in the coming months to carry out the pertinent installation work and hold training sessions for our students so that they can participate in this project. A new educational channel will be opened to involve students not only in the installation of the panels but to monitor the impact that this project will have on their local environments. In this way they will understand how the necessary energy for the School’s proper function will be obtained and for it to be affordable and non-polluting.

At the same time, we will carry out an internal audit to make our School more sustainable. To do this, we will be helped by a specialised company who will advise us on how to detect inefficiencies in the use of resources with an impact on the environment and to implement measures to correct them during this academic year and in the future.

Finally, we want to promote a change in the habits and behaviour of our students and staff to promote responsible consumption attitudes. The protagonists of this change are going to be the members of the Eco-Schools Committee, made up of students and staff, who are going to be the catalysts for these changes in School and who, with your help and support, will pass on the message to families.

You will receive further detailed information and actions in the coming days and weeks on the implementation of these initiatives in these three areas, with the common goal of continuing to prepare each student to be a global citizen who can change the world.

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