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The XII Globeducate International Music Festival in San Cugat

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XII Globeducate International Music Festival: a cross-border event with more than 250 students from the group.

In the heart of Sant Cugat del Vallès, music transcended borders and cultures during the XII Globeducate International Music Festival. Agora Sant Cugat International School proudly hosted this exceptional event, at the Teatre-Auditori de Sant Cugat to create a magnificent symphony orchestra and choir. Over 250 students from eight different countries: Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Chyprus and Canada, came together representing several Globeducate schools.

Under the baton of dedicated teachers and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, students showcased their musical talents in a solidarity-driven concert titled "Heal the World." This charitable endeavour aimed to support the construction of a school in the Turkana region of Kenya, embodying the festival's ethos of global citizenship and social responsibility.


Jordi Ros, Director of Agora San Cugat International School, expressed his pride in organizing such a transformative event, stating, "It has been an honour for Agora San Cugat Internation School to organize the XII Globeducate International Music Festival; an exceptional educational experience for the 250 participating international students and for all our school community."

Reflecting on the festival's impact, Imma Lluch, XII GIMF Coordinator, shared, "Without a doubt, the XII International Music Festival has been a very enriching experience for everyone. Intense days for students and teachers as they worked together and exchanged their cultures and united by music."


Students have echoed this sentiment. For Julia, it has been an experience he will remember for the rest of his life. "Being here has been very challenging, for example, we rehearsed for one or two hours every day, which was quite exhausting, but it's all part of the experience. What I liked most about this trip is that I have made friends from many countries". For Miguel, who is also a secondary school student, it was an unforgettable experience and a challenge to achieve: singing in a choir for the first time.

As the music filled the auditorium and hearts resonated with the melodies of unity and hope, the XII Globeducate International Music Festival left an indelible mark on all who participated. Through the universal language of music, boundaries were erased, and a brighter future was envisioned, one note at a time.

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