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Where to find robotics extracurriculars in O Castro

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Robotics extracurriculars at O Castro British International School: a perfect option to broaden knowledge in a fun way.

If we have to think of a fun and educational activity that soaks children in the knowledge they need for today's society, we must undoubtedly think of robotics extracurriculars. A subject beyond academic life that is presented as a very attractive resource within the current educational landscape.

This type of subject not only provides children with practical knowledge about technology and science, but also helps them to cultivate life skills that they do not learn in class, making it a perfect complementary activity to the rest of the educational curriculum.

Knowing all the educational benefits offered by extracurricular activities related to the world of robotics, more and more schools are including them in their educational offer every school year. If you are looking for robotics extracurriculars for your child, then read on because we tell you where to find one of the best options in O Castro.

Robotics extracurricular activities: a complete and enriching activity

Before explaining everything about the robotics extracurricular at O Castro British International School, let's take a look at the most important educational benefits of children attending this type of fun activity during the school year.

We cannot fail to mention STEM subjects, as they are present in this type of activity. During robotics classes, children learn fundamental concepts of programming, electronics and mechanics, all of which are included in this type of subject. These concepts are applied to the construction and programming of robots, something that helps children to understand how they work and how they can be used to solve problems.

Robotics is used to solve problems, as in this extracurricular activity, the little ones will have to learn to identify them, to think of solutions and to try them out in order to find the final result. Throughout this process they will be working on their critical thinking and creativity.


Benefits of enrolling a child in extracurricular activities related to robotics

The above is, broadly speaking, everything a child can learn from robotics, but what are the benefits of this type of extracurricular activities for their day-to-day life and future? Beyond what you can find in this post about the benefits of robotics in the development of children, let's see, point by point, other skills that are most worked on in this activity:

  • Love for learning: by presenting content and learning in the form of practical challenges, children learn to get involved in what they have to do, favouring their motivation to move forward and know more about science and technology (both related to engineering and mathematics careers).
  • Digital skills for the future world: nowadays and, above all, for the future, it is necessary to prepare for professions that do not yet exist and to coexist on a day-to-day basis with technologies that we do not yet know; therefore, having a foundation in digital skills is to have a long way to go. And this is something that robotics extracurricular activities help with.
  • Stimulating children's creativity: when it comes to building a robot, there is no single path to follow: children can experiment, think of different paths and even look for alternative solutions to the problems posed by the teacher.

Robotics extracurriculars in O Castro: the option of O Castro British International School

Is there only one extracurricular related to the world of robotics? The truth is that there isn't. Each school adapts this learning to their tastes and the needs of their students. And it also adapts it to current trends in terms of children's tastes.

This is something that we at O Castro British International School have taken into account when designing our extracurricular robotics subjects, as well as the rest of the extracurricular activities that we currently offer to students of different ages. This, our offer, is one of the most complete in the schools of the region, as it covers learning from different points of view.

Let's take a look one by one at the classes available for the youngest members of the family:

  • Maker 3D & Apps: an activity designed for children enrolled in grades 7 to 13 in which, in a weekly session, they will create their own mobile applications, while learning to design using 3D technology. It is also designed for them to learn their first notions of programming, as they will experiment with the Arduino programme, with whose boards they will be able to build robots.
  • Programming & Robotics: known as 'Logonauts', this robotics extracurricular allows students to design, build and programme robots and Arduino boards, as well as create 3D video games through challenge-based learning. As above, they also attend once a week, although this is aimed at students enrolled in Years 5 and 6.
  • LEGO: Finally, for younger students (between Year 2 and Year 4) we have the LEGO class, which combines robotics, science and technology in a weekly class; what makes it different from the previous ones? This one works almost exclusively with LEGO Education educational material.

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