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O Castro British International School

O Castro raises more than 2,000 euros for UNICEF

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The community of O Castro British International School unites for a good cause in favour of UNICEF.

The educational community of O Castro British International School once again showed its most supportive side by raising more than 2,000 euros which were donated to UNICEF's Wash project, dedicated to facilitating access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in different parts of the world.

And it did so in the best possible way: combining solidarity, sport and environmental protection in the ‘I Carrera Solidaria Gotas’. It was a wonderful experience for the whole school community, in which staff from all areas of the school participated and in which the involvement of the students was extraordinary.

From the youngest children in Early Years, to the enthusiastic Primary students and the older Secondary students: everyone came together to run for a charitable cause, which the whole school community has been reflecting on and learning about for weeks about the importance of caring for and protecting this scarce resource vital to the planet. We would like to thanks to all families for their donations, which will help UNICEF to continue bringing clean water to communities around the world through its Wash project.

With this race, O Castro British International School puts the finishing touch to the Water project designed by the school Eco Committees this school year, which has been supported by the whole school community.  As an AEDAC Green Flag school, the awareness-raising initiatives carried out during the current school year once again demonstrate the commitment of the entire school community to the challenges of the global world in which we live.

Special thanks to the Real Club Celta Atletismo de Vigo for their support in the organization and realization of the ‘Carrera Solidaria Gotas’. Their two coaches Jose and Ismael helped us to coordinate the event and ensured that our students participated like real athletes in a real race. We currently offer an extracurricular activity in Athletics from Year 1 to Year 6, which is run by the same club, and we encourage you to try it next year!


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