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O Castro British International School

O Castro British International School lights up the school with 30% clean energy

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O Castro British International School installs solar panels in an initiative together with Globeducate and Endesa X.

O Castro British International School began the new school year by lighting its classrooms with solar energy thanks to a joint initiative between Globeducate, one of the world's leading educational groups with more than 60 schools around the world, and Endesa X, Endesa's energy services subsidiary. The CEO of Globeducate in Spain and Andorra, Carolina Rodríguez Inciarte, visited the solar plant installed at O Castro British International School, accompanied by the Head of School, Chris Long, the mayoress of Mos, Nidia Arévalo and José Carlos Fernández Rey, Head of B2B Sales Channels at Endesa X, coinciding with the celebration of the first anniversary of the award of the ADEAC Green Flag.

The performance of the solar panels during the first months of operation is proving excellent considering the weather conditions in the area, so that the solar plant produces 30% of the energy the school needs to carry out its activity.

To this end, around 100 photovoltaic modules have been installed, representing a total power of 51.2 kWp and expected to produce around 77 MWh/year for self-consumption, representing solid progress towards sustainability. As a result, a reduction of approximately 13 tonnes of CO2 per year is anticipated, which is similar to the absorption capacity of around 81 trees annually.

This project, which seeks to reduce the ecological footprint, also aims to raise awareness among students, teachers and families about the importance of the environment and sustainability so that, over time, those who are now children and adolescents pass it on from generation to generation. In this sense, Carolina Rodríguez Inciarte highlighted that "at Globeducate we have a clear and ambitious mission: "Shaping The World". The implementation of initiatives like this one, which came about thanks to the voice of our students, support this mission and are proof that the education they receive from our schools and the support of the entire school community, including families and institutions, is key for our students to not only be prepared to live successfully in a global society, but to have a positive impact on our planet". 

Students have also been involved in this project from day one. "I like being part of Eco Schools because I like to feel that I have done something to prevent global warming, as I love nature and I want it to continue to exist. I also love being involved in all the school's ecological plans for the future," explains Isabel, a member of the Eco Committee.

This initiative not only reduces traditional energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact, but also raises awareness in the educational community of the importance of adopting measures that generate a real impact on environmental protection, both locally and globally. Furthermore, it open a new educational channel, with the involvement and active participation of school students involved in all phases of the project, from its initial approach, to the design, implementation and measurement of its impact. 

The global agreement foresees the placement of more than 2,040 photovoltaic modules in Globeducate schools located, in addition to Galicia, in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia and the Community of Madrid. They have a total power of 1.1 MWp and are expected to produce around 1,200 MWh/year for self-consumption. This will cover 30% of the educational group's energy needs in these buildings and will enable it to make firm progress on its path towards sustainability, as it will reduce its carbon footprint by 293 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the absorption capacity of 1,755 trees/year.

“I feel special when we achieve something and participate in the idea. I like helping to make our school more ecological which makes our school so special and beautiful”. - Clara, miembro del Eco Comité.

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