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Extracurricular activities in Pontevedra

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Sports, creativity, academic activities... Discover the extracurricular activities we offer at O Castro British International School

Welcome to the exciting world of O Castro British International School! Imagine a place where the opportunities to grow and explore are as vast as the horizon. Here, whether you're a budding sports fanatic, a technology enthusiast or someone with a musical soul, we have over 30 extracurricular activities in Pontevedra waiting for you!

From intrepid sports lovers to curious creatives, you'll find your perfect space here. Our eclectic offerings range from classic sports to emerging arts, and everything in between - whether you want to immerse yourself in a new sport, polish your tech skills or unleash your musical talent, the choice is yours!

And the best part is that there are no age limits to venture into our realm of possibilities - from ages 4 to 16, everyone is welcome! We've designed our activities to suit all tastes and abilities, making sure that every student finds a passion that makes them shine.

That's not all: we understand that life can be a juggling act, so we've extended a helping hand to parents. With our extended hours service, you can have the flexibility you need while your children immerse themselves in fun and learning.

After-school activities to boost their performance

Extracurricular activities are the magic touch that propels children and teenagers towards spectacular performance! At O Castro British International School, we know that free time is the palette where we paint our future, and these activities are the brushstrokes that create an exceptional painting. It's not just about learning, it's about growing in every corner of our lives.

Imagine a stage where every activity becomes a portal to new skills, a canvas where relationships flourish and talents shine. Extracurricular activities are not only formative tools, but also the kindred spirits of social and cognitive skills, boosting self-esteem and igniting the flame of camaraderie in every corner.

At O Castro British International School, we believe in the inimitability of each child, in the symphony of their unique talents. We are committed to guiding our students in the exploration and development of their gifts, which is why we have woven a vibrant tapestry of opportunities. From sports to arts, technology and more, every activity is a stepping stone to success, and the choice is yours to explore and flourish!

Ideal facilities for unique extracurricular activities

Imagine a school campus that's more than just a place - it's a vibrant, welcoming universe that embraces your dreams and challenges. On an expansive 33 hectares of land, our school rises majestically, with 10,000 square metres of innovation and impeccable design. Here, modernity merges with global vision to create a space that exceeds all your expectations.

From its energetic core to its eco-friendly design, our buildings are a true reflection of our commitment to the planet. Every brick, every corner, is created to minimise our footprint and maximise your experience. We are in tune with the world around us, but also with your educational needs. The result? A space that grows with you, where classrooms not only teach, but inspire, and where every corner is a reminder that you are in a place where your dreams can flourish.

The best extracurricular activities in Pontevedra


Get ready to get into action with our exciting sports programme! At O Castro, we believe in the power of moving, connecting and growing with every step. Our sports scene is an epic mix of physical challenges, lasting friendships and mental discoveries.

Want to feel the thrill of the playing field? Immerse yourself in the world of football, paddle tennis and tennis, where every hit, pass and jump is a unique experience. If horses are your passion, discover the majesty of equestrianism. Looking for a mental challenge? Chess is your strategic battlefield.

But that's not all: get ready to glide on roller skates and give it your all in rhythmic gymnastics! Want to embrace sporting diversity? Multisport is your journey of discovery. Feel the rhythm of music? Modern dance and ballet are your forms of expression. And if you are looking for physical and mental strength, judo is your path to discipline.

At O Castro, sport is not just an activity, it's a state of mind. Every move is an opportunity to forge friendships, embrace challenges and unleash your potential. Will you join us to enter the ultimate sporting adventure and make your mark on our playing field?

Academic activities to boost your child

Prepare your child to discover a world of learning that goes beyond traditional boundaries. At O Castro, we challenge the norm and take you on an educational journey that is as exciting as it is eye-opening. Our academic activities are like shining stars on your journey of growth and discovery.

Ready to unlock the power of technology? Robotics and video game design are your gateways to the digital universe, where your ideas come to life. Immerse yourself in the language palette and embrace cultural diversity. Feel the call of creativity? 3D design and app development await him.

Is your child a lover of intellectual challenges? Research and debate are his dashboard for expanding horizons and exploring new perspectives. And if his voice has the power to move mountains, public speaking awaits him to bring your words to life!

At O Castro, our academic activities are more than lessons; they are portals to new skills and passions. Each is designed to complement your educational journey, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your curiosity and growth. Join us and prepare your child to discover how learning can be an exciting and transformative adventure!

After-school activities to let your creativity run wild

Explore a world of unbridled creativity and self-expression at O Castro! Here, art is more than just colours and lines; it's a window to your limitless imagination. Our creative activities are like blank canvases, waiting for your masterful touches to bring them to life. Is your child a lover of rhythm? Percussion is their way to bring exciting melodies to life. Is their mind full of stories to tell? Sign him up for art club and shape your visions into every stroke. If comics are your passion, comic book illustration awaits to turn your ideas into amazing vignettes.

Do you feel the call of words? Journalism is your megaphone to tell stories that matter. And if the pages of books transport you to unknown worlds, the book club is your community of literary adventures.

At O Castro, creativity is a journey without limits. Each activity is designed to unleash their imagination, nurture their talents and awaken their inner artistic genius. Are you ready to paint, write and create your unique path to greatness? Find out how your creative dreams can take flight and unleash a world of possibilities.

We invite you on an exciting journey to our campus

Come explore and discover the magic of school life in person - are you ready to immerse yourself in an experience that could change the course of your child's education? Book your visit now and get ready for an unforgettable tour of our school!

On this personalised tour, you will have the opportunity to meet the passionate teachers who are dedicated to unlocking your child's potential. Step inside facilities that have been designed to inspire and nurture growth, and see how every corner is steeped in possibility. More than just a visit, it's a window into the education of the future.

Our team will guide you through the details of our curriculum and reveal how the heart of the centre works. Ready to discover how we transform lessons into adventures and cultivate curiosity? Don't miss this opportunity to become part of our growing community and find out if we are the perfect choice for your child! We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

At O Castro, the future is yours to explore and conquer - join us and discover how every day is an opportunity to grow, learn and have fun!

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