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Sixth Form

Sixth Form at O Castro British International School

Sixth Form, or post-16 education as it’s also known, is an optional stage of further study from ages 16 to 18. Sixth Form is the British equivalent to the Spanish Bachillerato stage. It corresponds to Key Stage 5 in the British education system. Language continues to play an integral and essential role both in the curriculum and beyond, with students studying in both English and Spanish, and with the option to study further languages at A-Level. Students at O Castro can choose their A-Level courses from a wide range of subject options, which are accredited for access to both Spanish and International universities. Students are offered a range of subjects designed to enable them to access the broadest range of degree level qualifications at universities throughout Spain, United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Support to succeed

During the years of Sixth Form our aim is to provide students with the necessary support, guidance and skills to achieve their personal and academic goals and to move on successfully to higher education or their chosen career path. This includes guidance around university courses and open days, as well as questionnaires and psychometric testing to help students to choose the options that are best suited to their particular skill set, academic strengths and personal ambitions.

Whatever our students decide, we will make sure that they are well prepared.


Life in Sixth Form at O Castro British International School

Do you want the best British education for your children? In addition to taking the British certificates A-Levels, which open doors to prestigious Spanish and international universities, O Castro British International School students have access to a wide range of enriching experiences beyond the classroom that will prepare them for a successful life after school. 

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Students at O Castro can choose their A-Level courses from a wide range of subject options.

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