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Secondary School

Secondary classes at O Castro British International School

Secondary school is made up of Key Stages 3 and 4, with Key Stage 4 culminating in the IGCSE exams. In addition to teaching core subjects and preparing our students for their exams, our secondary courses are designed to equip students with the critical, analytical and rational thinking skills necessary to enable them to become proactive, confident and successful members of society.

Oral and written communication skills in English, Spanish, French and Galician are developed throughout the secondary stage and creativity and cooperation continue to play an important role. We believe that responsibility and self-discipline are essential tools for the personal and academic development of every student. 

The key elements of the secondary curriculum are as follows:

Support and guidance


All our students receive support and guidance from specialised staff throughout their secondary education, as they select subjects for IGCSE and begin to think about the subjects they would like to take for A-Level. We help students to define their interests, with a view to planning further academic study, and evaluate potential professional careers.


We believe that responsibility and self-discipline are essential tools.

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