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O Castro British International School
Primary School

Primary school curriculum at O Castro

In the British education system, primary school is made up of Key Stages 1 and 2, with standardised tests at the end of each stage. Throughout the primary stage, in addition to providing a secure foundation in literacy and numeracy, we consolidate personal and social skills. These are the skills that will see students through the challenges of secondary school and beyond. These include:

Personal tutors


Every student is assigned a personal tutor to support them as they learn. This helps to create a secure and stable learning environment for our students, and ensures good communication with families. Personal tutors help with the development of study plans and problem-solving strategies to help manage issues arising in or outside the classroom.

Using technology


In primary school, students begin experimenting with simple programming and coding tasks, to discover how the software and applications that we use in our daily lives are developed. Technology is always used to support learning goals, and under the supervision of teachers.


Throughout the primary stage we consolidate personal and social skills.

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