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O Castro British International School
O Castro bilingual school
More than a bilingual school in Vigo

More than a bilingual school in Vigo

Practical and motivating learning in a 100% bilingual school

O Castro British International School is a private, secular, international school in the city of Vigo, Galicia. We follow the English National Curriculum and are open to all pupils aged 3 to 18. Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student, creating an environment that makes learning attractive.

As a British and international school, O Castro British International School follows the UK English National Curriculum, is certified by the NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain), accredited by the British Council and approved by the Xunta de Galicia, providing its pupils with a fully bilingual education, with real linguistic immersion in English from the first day of school.

The educational offer of O Castro British International School improves the learning style, is dynamic, interactive and highly motivating, making its classes really productive. The success of this bilingual school in Vigo is based on developing the different skills of each child, through a highly personalised curriculum, which encourages critical thinking, research and practical experiences, where academic content is as important as the skills and abilities of each student. If you've been left wanting more, our Admissions Officer will be happy to assist you individually and answer any questions you may have.

International preparation from 3 to 18 years of age

O Castro is the only British school in Galicia to provide all stages of education, offering a complete and comprehensive bilingual education, adapted to the needs of each student and to today's social and professional reality. To the holistic learning of English must be added the introduction of French from the age of 9, a complete curriculum which is reinforced with disciplines such as music, the arts or sport and designed to form people with a constructive attitude, committed to the world and to their own learning.

British educational methodology

The methodology used at O Castro Bilingual School is distinguished by educational innovation, high academic performance and personalised attention to the needs of each student. The students are the protagonists of their own learning, thanks to a wide range of teaching techniques that allow the teaching team to adapt to the preferences and needs of each student, enhancing their natural talents.

Academic excellence since 2008

O Castro, the first British school in the city of Vigo, was founded in 2008 by Mari Carmen Vázquez González. The British school in Vigo is one of the founding members of Globeducate British International Schools, dedicated to excellence in British education across Europe. In 2014, the school was certified as the only Cambridge School in Galicia. In 2017, O Castro joined Globeducate, one of the world's leading education groups. Globeducate owns and manages more than 55 international schools in nine countries. 

A campus designed for success

Our spacious campus is located on the outskirts of Vigo, close to the University. Covering an area of over 10 km2, our buildings and facilities have been designed with great attention to creating one of the most modern and best-equipped educational centres in the city.

With nature trails, comprehensive sports facilities, a technology lab, dance studio, music rooms, art studios and much more, students have everything they need to pursue their interests and achieve their full potential in the school environment. Contact us for more information about all our services.

Our admissions process in Vigo

At O Castro British International School we accept applications from students of all age groups, from three to 18 years old. Please contact us and we will inform you of the steps to follow to begin the admission process at the first British school in Vigo and the only one in Galicia to teach all stages of education. 


“Every day is a new challenge for me, putting all my dedication and effort into ensuring that all parents and prospective parents at the school receive personalised and dedicated attention”

Berta Martín, Head of Admissions

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