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A welcome letter from the Executive Head

''We warmly welcome you to O Castro British International School in Vigo. As a school we focus on creating a caring and supportive learning environment where every child is encouraged to achieve their full academic and personal potential and to develop into mature, responsible and compassionate human beings.

We are committed to providing all our students with the best possible education, focusing on the personal and academic needs of each individual and constantly striving for excellence. The school provides a safe and stimulating learning environment, developing lively, inquisitive minds and promoting a lifelong thirst for knowledge. We value the individual qualities and attributes of every child under our care, tailoring their educational programme to maximise their learning potential.

We believe that the all-round education of every child requires close collaboration between the school, the student and the student’s family. Our mission is to work together to enable each child to maximise their potential and to instil a passion for learning that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. 

The English National Curriculum offers our students a significant educational advantage. The British system is recognised as one of the foremost educational systems in the world, offering an outstanding academic education combined with an integrated personal development programme. The qualifications obtained at the end of each educational stage, General Certificate of Secondary Education and A-Level, are extremely highly regarded and are accepted as entry qualifications by the world’s top universities.

Our teaching team consists of extremely well-qualified and experienced professionals, who are passionate about their subjects and about the progress of their students, and who are skilled at helping students to develop intellectual curiosity and the multitude of skills necessary for academic and personal success. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team, whose principal focus every day is to provide the enthusiasm, guidance, knowledge and motivation necessary to enable our students to achieve their full potential.

In a world that is changing so rapidly, our students need insight and understanding in order to be able to confidently assess and evaluate the information with which they are bombarded. Our expectations are high and we encourage each child to work hard to achieve the best qualifications. We drive our students to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding that they will need for further academic study and throughout their adult lives. Not only do we want our students to achieve academically, but also to have the confidence and enthusiasm to embrace the personal, social and professional opportunities and challenges that they will encounter on their life journey.

We are extremely proud of our reputation as a school that not only achieves excellent academic results, but is a place where students, staff and families are part of a happy, caring and committed educational community.''

Mr. Dominic Abbott
Executive Head

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