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O Castro British International School
Values Education

Values education at O Castro British International School

At O Castro British International School we are committed to building a fairer, more responsible, egalitarian and sustainable society, just like other Globeducate schools around the world. For this reason, education in values is a priority in our educational programme.

At O Castro British International School (Mos-Pontevedra) we are committed to the excellence of our students in the broadest sense of the word. We are convinced that every pupil has the potential to make this world a better place, so, as well as providing them with knowledge through a comprehensive curriculum, we equip them with the necessary mechanisms and tools to become ethical, empathetic, responsible, caring, critical, respectful and committed to their local and global environment.

The house system

The House System is a common feature of the British education system and a tool for values education in its broadest sense. O Castro British International School House System fosters social engagement and solidarity; it encourages the celebration of achievements, both one's own and those of others; it helps to build community spirit and to develop a sense of identity and belonging. It is also an opportunity to develop leadership skills and an ideal vehicle for connecting pupils of all ages, giving them the chance to get to know each other outside the traditional classroom environment, generating connections and bonds between pupils of different ages.

The four houses at O Castro School are: 

Events and House Points

At O Castro British International School the four Houses are named after prestigious British universities: Oxford, Durham, York and Cambridge. Every student and staff member is linked to the same House throughout their school life, creating a strong sense of belonging. Students can earn House points for good behaviour, community service or for taking part in team activities, which will be passed on to all students linked to that House. 

Solidarity and social commitment

At O Castro British International School, the House System promotes teamwork, respect, collaboration with the community and social commitment. Each of the Houses is linked to a charity, thus giving life to the 4 Houses, 4 Causes solidarity campaign, with four work teams focused on the following areas: 

  • Environmental Aid: York (TBC)
  • Proximity Aid: Oxford (Food Bank)
  • Emergency Relief: Durham (Children's Villages) 
  • Cancer or Rare Disease Relief: Cambridge (Aladina Foundation)

Each of the Houses has the responsibility and commitment to publicise the work of these four NGOs among the pupils and the whole school community, as well as to organise collections throughout the school year to provide the organisations with the resources they need to carry out their commendable work.

Sponsorships programme

At O Castro British International School, sport is a priority. It improves school performance and the growth of young people, promotes healthy lifestyles, helps socialisation and promotes fundamental values and behaviours such as teamwork, respect, healthy competition and companionship. 

We are also very proud to have a complete sports sponsorship programme with the main sports entities in Vigo and its metropolitan area, a further demonstration of our commitment to sport as a cornerstone in the integral development of children and also to those clubs that promote grassroots sport. These include:

  • Children's Golf League in Real Aeroclub de Vigo
  • Jumping League at the Escuela de Equitación San Cosme equestrian club.
  • Genaro Borrás Memorial Tennis Tournament in collaboration with the AECC.
  • Ramón Babé Solidarity Padel Tournament in collaboration with the AECC.
  • Paddle tournaments for children and youngsters at Twelve Paddle Zenter
  • Sailing race in Liceo de Bouzas  



Governance & Leadership


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Building connections between different age groups.