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O Castro British International School

Curriculum at O Castro

The curriculum at O Castro is designed to bring out the best in every student.We aim to educate our students to become valuable and responsible members of the international community with the ability to understand and embrace the challenges of the world we live in today. 

O Castro British International School is the only school in Vigo and Galicia to offer a full English National Curriculum from Early Years to Sixth Form, and this significant achievement has come about as the result of more than 10 years of dedicated hard work, innovation and collaboration from staff and the Leadership team.

Linguistic immersion from day one

Our educational programme is multilingual, with full immersion in English from the first day. Classes taught in Spanish begin from Reception Class onwards and children begin to learn Galician from Year 2. From Year 5, French is introduced, so that by the end of primary school, our students can communicate in four different languages.

Encouraging wide-ranging interests

In addition to languages, our curriculum places a particular emphasis on subjects such as music, sport and the arts.

Our dedicated sports, music, and arts facilities give students the space and time to develop their interests and appreciate the richness of an engaged cultural life. 

Building confidence to last a lifetime

We are dedicated to ensuring that every student feels confident, positive and enthusiastic about learning; each student is helped to set and achieve appropriate goals. In this way they take pride in their academic and personal progress. 

As students move through the school they are taught how to research, study, and learn more independently, and our teachers employ a wide range of strategies to guide and direct each student’s learning journey to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential.


The school journey is divided into Key Stages, that focus on different areas of development, from early years to post-16.

Each stage has a clearly defined programme of study, with continuous assessment throughout the course, and evaluations at the end of the stage. We use the assessments to build an overall picture of each child’s progress. Continuous assessment means we are able to adapt our teaching to meet the needs of each student. 

At secondary level students take the IGCSE exams at age 16, and then A-Level at 18. These qualifications are highly regarded worldwide, allowing our students to be accepted at the best universities in Spain and abroad.


Governance & Leadership


Values Education


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We are dedicated to ensuring that every student feels confident, positive and enthusiastic about learning.