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O Castro British International School

O Castro British International School

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Who We Are Anchor

Who We Are

Who We Are

Located in Vigo, Galicia, O Castro is a private, secular, international school for children ages three to 18. With a multilingual educational programme that offers full immersion in English from day one, we aim to educate our students to become valuable and responsible members of society with the ability to understand and embrace the challenges of the world we live in today.

Educational stages at O Castro

Early Years

In Early Years, including Nursery and Reception, children develop a passion for learning and discovery and their natural curiosity for learning new things is nurtured. Children learn through play as well as.

Primary School

During Key Stages 1 and 2, students develop a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy skills at the same time as learning emotional and social skills and developing their curiosity and creativity.

Secondary School

In Secondary, students first follow the Key Stage 3 programme in Years 7 to 9 and then take a two-year IGCSE programme which culminates in examinations.

Sixth Form

During the final two years at school, students follow the subjects they wish to study in greater depth at A-Level (Advanced Level).

Why Choose O Castro British International School?


The students of O Castro British International School follow the English National Curriculum, and their academic qualifications are recognised and respected by top universities across Spain, the UK, and the rest of the world.



A life of discovery

Through a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the purely academic, we build a deeper experience of the world. This encourages an environment in which each student can discover and develop their own talents - and appreciate the perspectives and gifts of others.


The greatest teacher

A great education equips a student to face challenges confidently and manage failure with tenacity and resilience. We aim to cultivate the character of every student, through safe and managed exposure to experiences that stretch them.


A better tomorrow

The coming decades will present extraordinary opportunities and challenges for humanity and the planet; and also for our students. Our aim is to prepare and inspire each student to contribute to a more just and sustainable world by making use of their unique talents.


Success starts here

We aim to empower our students to discover what it will mean for them, and to achieve the highest qualifications and, above all, to make this process of learning and seeking success as a basis for a fulfilling life as enriching as possible. 

Our Partnerships

Our school partnerships give students the chance to interact with other children from around the world to address some of the environmental challenges we face and to gain awareness of how to tackle them.


A partnership that connects more than 28,000 students around the world with a clear goal: to prepare the next generations to face environmental challenges.

Eco Schools

The journey to the green flag. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that young people are aware of their responsibility to act.

UN Sustainable Goals

Our aim is to educate students who are committed to the world and to the great challenges of our time.


Download our brochure

Download our brochure to find out about the educational journey at O Castro British International School.

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